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We believe that everyone learns differently. A pattern that is only text is difficult for the visual learner. We have experienced this ourselves. That`s why our patterns are full of images and extremely detailed instructions. And now we have decided to offer a complete video series on how to make your own soakers.

This soaker is very straight forward for the beginner and offers easy step by step instructions.

Why give away a FREE pattern when you are trying to sell patterns you ask? Well the Ladybugz patterns offer a additional rear extension shaping and gusset between the legs that will allow your little one an even better fit. This video can be the first step into you becoming an amazing soaker and longie creator.

Note The soaker in this video is not for selling purposes. A ladybugz pattern and cottage license must be purchased to permit the selling of a soaker or longie. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For the best view of the video - select the full screen mode which is 4 arrows on the bottom right hand side of the video box.

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Introduction Video for Crocheting a Diaper Cover

How to do a Slip Knot

How to do a Chain Stitch

How to do a Foundation Chain

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 1 of 7
Starting from the Bottom Up, the Legs.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 2 of 7
Working on the Legs.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 3 of 7
Joining the Legs Together.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 4 of 7
Working on the Hips.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 5 of 7
Now the Waist.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 6 of 7
Creating the Waistband.

Crocheting a Diaper Cover Part 7 of 7
Completing the Cord and Finishing touches.
More to come...we are having technical issues. Working on it right now! Stay tuned!