NEW! Ladybugz Online Learning . - FREE soaker pattern has been released!
Yes!...a complete start to finish online video on how to make your own crocheted soaker.

Our products are offered to you in a way no one else does!
If you see something you would like, YOU decide if you want to...
- BUY IT already made or
- MAKE IT yourself with a pattern or
- start your own cottage business by making the product to SELL IT yourself, we
can affordably license you to do so.

For the first time, its all up to you!

We are a unique source for creating clothes and accessories for your little one and
others in your family. We encourage you to use 100% Wool because it offers so
many advantages such as: repels water and stains; easy to clean;
environmentally friendly; fire safe; a natural insulation and retains its shape to name
only a few of wool's attributes.

Our diaper cover crochet patterns can be made in any stitch you would like.
The patterns are so flexible, once you understand how they go together you can
use any crochet stitch; any customizations; any size you would like. Great for the
beginner. We offer follow up help for anyone who needs it.

Introducing Wool clothing patterns. Take felted wool or recycled felted sweaters;
specially designed edging and patterns and quickly you will be making these
one-of-a-kind garments for your little one and all
their friends. Be the first!

We offer affordable lifetime cottage licenses
for those interested in starting their own cottage / home business.

Mzzz Ladybugz is always ready to help you if you need it!